Areas of Intervention

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away”.

These words from Pablo Picasso perfectly summarize the essence of my activity in life, both personally and professionally.

As a journalist, I have learned that good communication is essential to encourage society to prosper. I consider myself a ‘social explorer’ concerned about knowing what real needs people manifest in order to help them understand that we can always create healthier cultures. Healthy in the broadest sense of the word, that is, understood in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual terms, because the human being is a compendium of all of these elements.

As a Health Mentor, in addition to advice on how to nourish ourselves to maintain healthy lifestyles that remain long term, I offer my clients the necessary techniques to solve much deeper questions of their own: including the management of time and anxiety/stress, until it has been resolved or is well controlled.

I have always been interested in being aware of my existence, but the need to find the reason for it has been even greater. In this sense, Health Coaching, thanks to its holistic approach, promotes a truly enriching inner work, a journey towards the unknown and amazing self, a self-discovery that will lead you to be who you really are. You will value yourself and you will find the talent that makes you unique and, of course, you will leave your mark in this world.

Thanks to my knowledge and experience in Nutrition, you will have access to all the current dietary theories. I will help you make your weekly shopping purchase, to organize your pantry. We will cook together and I will teach you how to read food labels so that, when you finish my Coaching Program, you will be able to remain a healthy and happy person.

Health Coaching

Our bodies are perfect machines, hence all human beings have the ability to heal naturally. We are all unique and, as bio-individual beings, each one of us presents an individual way of healing. On this basis, you can understand why Health Coaching is so important in our lives. After extensive research and personal experience, Coaching is the system that has taught me, most proficiently, how to be myself.


It is a process in which another person (your Coach) will act as a mentor, guiding you to reach all the goals or dreams you want to achieve. As a coach, I will never tell you what to do or the best way to achieve what you pursue; Coaches do not prescribe or diagnose, we believe that answers to questions lie inside the person asking. We simply try to provide tools empowering you to explore your inner self in greater detail, where the answers may be waiting.


And that will be, precisely, my mission. If you wish, we will start a journey together, focused on your goals. We will explore as many facets of your life as necessary (Health, Personal Relationships, Physical Activity, Education, Profession, Creativity, Finance, Social Life, Spirituality, …) so that you can find the internal cause of your instability, correct this and start a life full of Love , Health and Happiness.


If dieting fails to work for you and you are feeling at a dead end; if you suffer from an illness and are tired of medication as the only solution; if life has put you in a difficult position and you are struggling with which way to turn, or you just need to feel peace with yourself and live more comfortably and in fullness, it is time to invest in your health in an intelligent way.


Go ahead, let’s start your journey together!

Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication

As a researcher and communicator, I am excited to be up to date with advances generated in the medical, scientific and environmental fields. As we have in our hands the difficult and (at the same time) exciting mission to ensure our health, I will offer you an area to access current issues in our society.


Communication is a really valuable tool, as long as we use it as thoroughly as this profession requires. I am passionate about developing the areas that can lead to a positive change in the life of a person and, above all, I seek to make this information understandable.


  • Rigorous journalism
  • Deepening, research
  • Informative contrast
  • Objective and quality approach
  • Communication available to everyone

Nutrition and Bromatology

At Red Apple we understand that there is no better way to approach health than from a holistic, multidisciplinary perspective.


I will offer you the possibility to know each food thoroughly. You will discover for yourself which ones benefit you and which ones do not, with access to different dietary theories. Any doubts about the numerous erroneous messages that come to us in the matter of Nutrition will disappear.


But the idea I want to convey to you is that, in reality, not everything works for all people; Moreover, each of us has different individual needs that must be addressed with full awareness, patience, love and dedication.


And this personal work is not only limited to controlling the food we eat (calories, fat, proteins,…), it also requires us to recognize what emotions invade us, what feelings we experience and this can directly relate to what we are eating, as well as the degree of satisfaction that our soul experiences.

Cooking with Love

Learn to cook and do it with Love is the first advice I give to my clients or coachees. Love is the main ingredient of everything, absolutely everything we do in this world, and in the matter of Nutrition and Health this is vitally important.


Add Vitamin L (Love) to your culinary creations and you will start loving yourself more. You will value the wonderful person you are. You will also reach a state of personal and pleasant acceptance and, with enough time, you will be able to eliminate any anxiety around food, including bingeing and cravings, abstinences, periods of inappetence, aversions and all the issues that can displease us.


You are not alone in this. My mission is to be with you one step at a time; we will even make dishes together so you know how nice and rewarding it is to cook with colors, new flavors, different textures. We will elaborate all those recipes that remind you of good times, that transfer you to your childhood, and we will make sure that the kitchen is a sacred space where you can meet with yourself again and where you can express yourself with total freedom.



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One of the most exciting and satisfying parts of my job is being able to share with my readers all my favorite discoveries about health.


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