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Dietary guidelines to combat binge eating

Sweet Temptation


1. It’s essential to make five meals a day (breakfast, mid morning, lunch, snack and dinner) in order to avoid the feeling of empty stomach, so you won’t need to eat to satiety. It’s important to learn to do more meals a day and less abundant, to not spend many hours without eating and go accumulating even more anxiety.

2. It has been shown that if we eat protein as part of the first meals of the day, our level of blood sugar will enjoy a better balance, so we will not be as likely to experience low blood sugar which is, as you might imagine, directly responsible for the attacks of hunger. This protein intake can come from foods like eggs, meat, fish, dairy milk, cheese and other dairy products, as well as vegetable protein sources such as tofu, seitan, nuts, legumes and vegetable milks (soy, almond, oat,…), among others.

3. At mid-morning or mid-afternoon, when we feel the need to eat something, we should choose healthy options, able to satisfy, such as nuts and dried fruits. Nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, pine nuts,…) give sense of inner warmth and therefore contribute to feel more calm and satisfied. Dried fruits, meanwhile, are ideal for those moments when you need something sweet. Prunes and dried figs, dried apricots and dates should be your allies in times of weakness. But, be careful, don’t overdo their consumption because, as happens with nuts, their caloric intake is quite high.

4. If we take hot meals we will be helping to calm our appetite and feel full before, so it’s a good option to start the main meal with a good bowl of broth or vegetable puree.

5. It’s also important to drink enough water during the day because sometimes isn’t hungry how really feels our body, but thirsty. We must hydrate properly, which will also help us not to experience a feeling of hunger as imperative.

6. We must replace the exciting food such as coffee, tea and refined sugar and all products made with it, by more suitable options as relaxing infusions of plants such as Melissa, Valerian, Passiflora, Hierbaluisa, Linden or Chamomile tea, among others, sweetened with honey or the natural sweetener you prefer.

7. Eat slowly, savoring every one of your bites and enjoying how wonderful is a properly feeding. Leave problems parked for a moment and try to focus on the act of eating.

8. In those moments when you realize anxiety overwhelm you, stop your thoughts for a moment and breathe deeply. Stay away from where you are and go for a breath of fresh air. Please wait for a few minutes, look around you and keep breathing deeply until you can think clearly.

9. If you have had an anxiety attack and you could not avoid returning to binge eating, it is important to learn not to hold inside for a long time your guilt feeling, because this regret can be even more harmful to your well-being that they overeat. When you think “What have I done?”, “How could I eat all that food?”, you must change your mindset and instead of staying at home with a enormous feeling of guilt, offset the excess committed with a healthy option like going for a walk or running.

10. Make food a pleasure and enjoy your meals like the best moments of your day. Fill yourself with the good sensations that brings you each food. Be strong and appreciates all that Nature offers you to feel happy and at ease with yourself. Don’t let the bad feelings or mismanaged emotions ruin your physical and mental wellbeing. Remember: we are what we eat, as well as a reflection of the way we do it.

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